In 2011, Ryan graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Interactive Media and Game Development. While he was attending college, Ryan jumped right into real game development part-time with the talented folks over at Dejobaan Games LLC, where he worked on a handful of action-packed and titularly-captivating projects. After whetting his indie appetite, Ryan joined Fire Hose Games in 2012 to work on the world's premiere BBQ defense simulator, Go Home Dinosaurs! Following the release of GHD on several platforms, he moved back to Dejobaan to create giant robots and jetpack levels for one of their latest titles, Drunken Robot Pornography.

In September of 2014, Ryan joined Escape Fuel Studios as Lead Artist on their flagship title, Commander Kamala Lays Down the Law, where he seized the opportunity to design a vibrant art-deco universe to complement the campy and satirical sci-fi narrative of the game.

Ryan currently lives in Somerville and is an active member of the Boston indie game development community. 

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